About Us

SAJP Dreams Pvt Ltd has been envisaged to create joyful and prosperous society. We are one of the fastest growing consumer goods supplying companies in India. We believe that poverty can be eradicated by joining together for a common intention of creating wealthier society; irrespective of religion, caste, creed, nationality etc.

Through our smart business, we have uplifted lakhs of people by the help of mutual financial aid. We have the intent to touch the lives of millions of people in coming days. We are committed to create joyful and happier society. Our products are directly sourced from reputed manufacturers.

  • FREE Registration is available
  • Joining Packages to suit your budget
  • Array of income.
  • Auto withdrawal System. KYC Compulsory.
  • TDS 5% deduction on Income
  • Admin Charges 10% deduction on Income
  • Our vision desires to achieve in long term.
  • Our vision is to create a better every day life for all.
  • Transparent and reliable business.
  • To create an atmosphere of trust and reliability.
  • We work constantly on improving the process to achieve excellent results.
  • Aimed to bringing benefits and improvement in all future.
  • We intend to provide our clients with best experience from beginning to end.